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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in HVAC Design and Drafting, HVAC Design and Drafting

Eligibility :

ITI/ Refrigeration & Air conditioning /Mechanical Draughtsman (Fresh/Experienced)

This Course is built on knowledge, skills and insights from the level one Course into production processes and materials involved in problem solving using high-functioning math and advanced critical thinking skills. To achieve the optimal design, one should needs good analytical skills and up-to-date technical knowledge of various system designs. This training is useful to design basic products, mechanical parts & chemical process equipment design. This training is an opportunity to apply the academics and develop an understanding of how to develop solution-driven concepts and translate them into a complete set of plans and prototypes.


Key Points of Syllabus :


Ø Introductionof HVAC.

Ø Scopeof designing.

Ø Basics& importance of HVAC.

Ø Standards& codes used in HVAC.

Ø Typesof refrigeration cycle.

Ø Typesof air conditioning system.

·        Windowair conditioning system.

·        Splitair conditioning system.

·        Centralair conditioning system.

·        Packageair conditioning system.

Ø Designof Ventilation system.

·        Introductionof Ventilation system.

·        Componentsof Ventilation system.



Ø Ventilation,Infiltration load calculation.

Ø Restaurant and residence kitchen ventilationcalculation.

Ø Parkingarea & Toilet ventilation calculation.

Ø Airdistribution & control system design.

·        Typesof Ducts.

·        Ductfitting.

·        Dampers.

·        Typesof Diffusers.

·        Flexibleducts etc.

Ø Ductdesign methods.

Ø Pipesizing methods.


Ø Selection of Air conditioning equipments.

Ø AHU & FCU selection.

Ø Air terminal selection.

Ø Selection of duct materials.



Ø Introduction to Drafting using Auto CAD.

Ø Fundamentals and basics of HVAC.

Ø Symbols and codes used in HVAC designing.

Ø Types of Drawings used in the industry.

Ø Study & Preparation of Floor Drawings.

Ø Conventional type air conditioning systemdrawings.

·        Window air conditioning system drawing.

·        Split air conditioning system drawing.

·        Cassette-type air conditioning system drawing.

Ø Ventilation system drawings.

·        Car parking ventilation drawing.

·        Toilet ventilation drawing.

Ø Chilled water pipe drawing.

Ø Ductable air conditioning system drawing.

Ø Package air conditioning system drawing.

Ø Section drawings.        


Ø Understanding the tender requirements.

Ø Making BOQ (Bill of Quantity).


  • To familiarize student primary technique in engineering drafting practices.
  • To discover how products are designed and communicated in the real world.
  • To help students become better designers of machine parts, plant layouts and related services.
  • To use graphic drafting techniques as a tool for communication, visualization, critical thinking & problem solving.
  • To prepare students to meet or surpass the performance competency areas and to the address performance Indicators of State Technology Education Standards.
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