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About SIT

We, Suvidya Institute of Technology an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation. It provides a World Class Leading Technical Training in all the engineering disciplines to meet the requirements of skilled manpower in the field of "OIL & GAS".

Professional Apporach :

Suvidya Institute of Technology is a team of young, efficient, qualified and hardcore professionals with broad spectrum of consultancyand industrial background and provides training to meet industrial requirements of skilled manpower in specialized fields of engineering based on sound engineering principles and methodology, applicable code requirement and best industry practices.

The aim of this Institute isto develop skilled manpower in specialized field and provide expert engineers to Industry those aretrained in such a way that, they are so well versed with the subjects and can independently and efficiently perform their jobs. Along with this Institute is also encouraging to develop rational thinking skills through a case study approach.

SIT is globally known for its educational values & ethics. Our faculty members are the experienced, leading professionals from top relevant organizations.

We are aware that :

"Engineer is the key person in the material progress of the world. It is his engineering that converts the potential value of science into service by translating scientific knowledge into tools, resources and energy. To make contributions of this kind the Engineer requires three things; the imagination to visualize the needs of society, an eye to appreciate what is possible, last and most important is the technological and broad social understanding to bring his vision into reality".

Swift changes in global scenario and market, have transformed the dimensions of professionals in every industry. The specialist from any field of engineering has to focus more and more narrowly on his specialized topics & work area rather than broad spectrum of faculty. This has heightened the challenges of young & passionate Engineers.

Foundation of SIT :

By realizing, this great obligation to build Technocrat Engineers and well-grounded Indian Work force to compete Global requirements of young, energetic, qualified, top notch professionals from Software, Consultancy & Industrial background, we have formed a Consortium and led the foundation of Suvidya Institute of Technology (SIT).

Global Standard Training :

Keeping global competition in mind, Suvidya Institute of Technology has designed professional Training which are a combination of theory, latest industrial practices and practical sessions. Our institute offers numbers of Training to cover wide spectrum of industrial aspects, which are recognized by industries.

Syllabus covered in these Training is exactly as per the global standards as well as latest working requirements of various engineering companies. To develop proficient thinking skills in our participants we have adopted case study approach.

Training structures are not at all dry accumulations of facts but it has way of thinking about possible difficulties, ways to find solutions of obviously puzzling problems, which make our students well equipped to be in lead roles. The overall structure assesses the students against the requirements, which include key skills, knowledge level and execution power that define competences.