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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in Fire Alarm and Protection System , Fire Alarm and Protection System

Eligibility :

Fresh or experienced Engineers, designers, installers and maintenance Engineers & security officers


Key Points of Syllabus :

  • Basic of Fire & causes ofFire
  • Understand Fire triangle& fire classification
  • Selection and design ofFire Alarm system
  • Different types of smokedetectors and working
  • Fire Alarm system paneldesign
  • Layout and wiring for Smokedetectors
  • Different types of Fire extinguishersand placing
  • Basic of water-based Fireprotection system
  • Types of sprinkler systemand their working
  • Types of Fire Hydrantsystem and layout
  • Selection and layout forsprinkler system
  • How to avoid the fire in work place 


  • Thistraining course is intended to provide guidance on the selection of Fire alarm& Protection systems in buildings. This course also focuses on the code ofpractice for design, installation of fire protection systems in commercialbuildings as per NBC norms & regulations. This course enhances theknowledge and gives you professionalism on the fire system factors to anindividual or an organization or companies depending on the requirement.
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