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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in Solar PV Power System with renewable Energy  , Solar PV Power System with renewable Energy

Eligibility :

Degree/ Diploma in Mechanical/ Production / Electrical Engineers (Fresher/ Experienced)


Key Points of Syllabus :

Training ProgramSyllabus:                      

Introduction to energy

  • Energy basics & various energy resources
  • Renewable & non-renewable energy
  • Limitations of Non-renewable energy & global climate change
  •  Potential of renewable energy sources in INDIA

Solar energy basics & solar PV history

  •  Potential of renewable energy sources in INDIA
  • How solar energy generated from the sun light
  • Overview of day light solar radiation
  • Various solar constant & its importance
  • Peak sun & air mass concept
  • Overview of solar PV cell and its working
  • Various types of PV cell & selection criteria
  • Solar PV cell technical parameters & its effects on energy generation

Concept of ON grid & OFFgrid solar system                                                             

  • Basic technical concept in OFFgrid & ON grid solar PV power plant.
  • Types of roof top solar PV plants & selection criteria
  • Overview & benefits of grid connected solar PV power system
  • Regulations for ON grid solar PV power system in INDIA
  • Government of INDIA initiatives for ON grid & OFF grid solar PV system

Design of Solar PV powersystem & components                                

  •  Types & selection criteriafor solar PV module
  • Systematic design of solar powersystem.
  • Detail load analysis & various calculations for solar system design.
  • Various component of solar PVpower system.
  • Importance of charge controller & batteries in solar PV power system
  • Understanding of Single Linediagram for solar PV system
  • Parameters for selection of solarPV power system location
  • Solar PV system protection & interconnection with GRID power supply
  • Testing & commissioning of solar power system
  • Sample design calculation for OFF grid & ON grid solar PV system

Renewable energy source other than solarpower

  • Overview of wind power & various technical parameters       
  •  Classification of wind turbine and components of wind power plant   
  •  Location selection for wind powerplant      
  • Bio mass energy and its conversion technology
  •   Bio gas system & energy recovery from urban waste
  •   Tidal energy basics & tidal energy selection
  • Hybrid energy system and concept of hybrid vehicle         


Hands on Practice on small solar PV powersystem

  •   Working of solar PV module
  • Inter connection of various component of solar PV system
  •  Practice exercise on solar PV system set up



1.To Enhance working Skills of working professionals, student & prospective entrepreneur as per working practices of global industry about the renewable energy sources & solar PV system.

2.To provide detailed design & installation aspects of solar PV power system along with guidance on best operation & maintenance practice for solar PV system.

3.To provide class room practice on solar PV system components for more understanding on working of solar power system.

4.To provide necessary technical information to enter into solar power business.

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