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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in PV Elite , PV Elite

Eligibility :

Mechanicaal / Chemical/ Production / Electrical Engineers

PV Elite is a complete solution for the quick and intuitive design of new pressure vessels, and it also evaluates and re-rates existing vessels, including Fitness for Service analysis.


Key Points of Syllabus :

PV Elite Design

·          Introduction of PV Elite Software

·          General Input Data

·          Design Data

·          Load Cases

·          Wind and Seismic Design

·          Component Design such as Shell, Dish and Nozzles

·         Body Flange Design

·         Nozzle Design(Application of WRC 107 and 297) and Reinforcement Calculation

·         MDMT Calculation

·         Insulation and LiningDesign

·          Process Column Design

·         Column Internals(Trays and Packing)

·         Support Design forSkirt, Lug, Leg and Saddle

·         Fixed tube sheet HeatExchanger design

·         U tube sheet HeatExchanger design

·         Stacked Heat Exchangerdesign

·          Floating tube sheet Heat Exchanger design

·         Hydrostatic TestCalculation

·         Platform and LadderCalculation

·         Transport and ErectionCalculation

·         Rigging Analysis

·          Review of Output


The program considersthe whole vessel, addressing all of the wall thickness rules and stressanalysis requirements for vertical towers, horizontal vessels and heatexchangers.

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