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Training Programme -
Post Graduate Diploma in Offshore Engineering, Offshore Engineering

Eligibility :

Mechanical Engineers with More than 5 years Experience in the field of Engineering


Key Points of Syllabus :

  • Module 1 : Upstream Industry

    1. Introduction to upstream industry including type of Drilling rigs, FPSO,offshore & onshore oil fields
    2. Methods of transportation of crude oil and gas
    3. Various methods of exploration of oil and gas in water and on land
    4. Working culture of upstream industry including type of work, working philosophy and manpower requirement
    5. Understanding offshore safety
    6. Marine rules and regulations

    Module 2 : Drilling Rigs

    1. Introduction to drilling including Jack-up Rig, Semi-Submersible and Drill Ships
    2. Introduction to Drilling Systems, Subsea System, Drilling operations,

    interfaces within departments and safe working practices

    1. Guidelines on operating and maintenance guidelines
    2. Process of Audit and Certification based on international standards like

    American Bureau of Shipping

    1. Skidding Operations on Jacking Rig, including layouts, various units and

    their use and operations

    1. Basic Construction sequence of Rig including Inspection methods and

    criticality, commissioning, operating and maintenance guidelines

    Module 3 : FPSO

    1. Introduction to offshore production including overall arrangement, units and their applications
    2. Process Overview of each Unit/System including sequence of flow in arranging units in layout
    3. Understanding function of subsea production systems and floating production systems
    4. Understanding overall FPSO like Accommodation, Helideck, Mooring System, Risers etc…
    5. Understanding layout development of various units on FPSO like Turret,

    Separation, Dehydration, Compression, oil separation, oil treatment, power generation, utilities

    1. Guidelines for operating, maintenance, inspection and testing
    2. Understanding government rules and regulations
    3. Focus of FPSO project development strategy and project management guidelines incluindg environmental issues

    Module 4 : Offshore and Onshore platform

    1. Introduction to various fix and floating platforms including their selection criteria
    2. Understanding basic process of Units of any platform and their use
    3. Various levels of platform like celler deck, main deck, mezzanine deck

    and helideck including their layout requirement of arranging unit based on process sequence

    1. Locating units based on process operating, maintenance and safety.
    2. Well head and injection well basics, Christmas tree and piping

    arrangement including other equipment and their piping requirement

    Module 5 : Pipeline

    1. Understanding various types of pipelines like subsea and buried pipeline including their laying methodology
    2. Understanding requirements of code ASME B 31.4 and ASME B 31.8
    3. Preparation of pipeline alignment sheet including design constrainet
    4. Understanding concept, P&ID, layout of pig Launcher and Receiver including their applications, operating, maintenance
    5. Planning, Project management and Construction sequence guidelines
    6. Concept of Stress Analysis and supporting
    7. Inspection and Testing Guideline
    8. Interfaces with civil department
    9. Inspection and Testing Guidelines including Corrosion presentation methods

    Module 6 : Misc & CIVIL/Electrical Interfaces (by Civil & Electrical Engineer)

    1. Interface Identification
    2. Interface documentation
    3. Interface Control and closing


  • The Oil and Gas industry have offshore design engineering and construction projects as well as maintenance services which are technically and commercially challenging therefore good knowledge and competency of the project team members throughout the different phases of works are keys to the successful execution of these projects. This training aims to provide the participants with comprehensive foundation knowledge of Offshore Engineering.

Batch No.CategoryPlanned Starting DateLast Date of AdmissionCompletion DateDurationTimings
11004 Weekend Batches 10-Mar-2024 03-Mar-2024 08-Sep-2024 6 Months Sunday – 8.00 am to 5.30 pm