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Training Programme - Post Graduate Diploma in 'PIPING ENGINEERING'
Post Graduate Diploma in Piping Engineering, Piping Engineering Training

Eligibility :

Fresh/ Experienced, Diploma/ Degree Mechanical, Chemical and Production Engineers

Piping Engineering course is one-of-a-kind. This course is structured to raise the level of expertise in piping design and to improve the competitiveness in the global markets. This course provides various piping system designs, development skills and knowledge of current trends of plant layout. The students are given case studies to develop their professional approach.

Key Points of Syllabus :

Introduction to :
  • Piping Engineering and role of Piping engineer in various fields
  • Industry functioning and plant overview
  • Function of process equipment and their piping requirement
Basic process requirement of plant/project
Detailed Study of :
  • Various piping system
  • Procedure of designing piping system
  • Material selection for various process services
  • Piping elements, their joining methods
  • Relevant standards / Codes, their importance and applications
  • Valves & Nozzles
Document Study :
  • Use of vendor data in design
  • Various documents required for plant design
Basic Information on welding, its testing and inspection
Preparation of :
  • Piping material specification
  • Valve specification and data sheets
  • Nozzle orientation of process equipment
  • Bill of Material at various stages
  • Isometric drawings and final MTO
Development of :
  • Equipment layout
  • Piping layout
  • Industrial Plot Plan
Study of analysis system using CAESAR II software, pipe supports & loop calculations
Plant Design Management System (PDMS) Software:
Site Visit will be arranged at industrial plant either in shut down or not working conditions.



  • To identify the basic vocabulary and to introduce the major concepts of piping system design
  • To provide & understand the basic piping requirements for design as per the international codes & standards
  • To understand how to design cost effective new installation
  • To understand how to create cost effective design in trouble shooting as well as while improving existing piping system.

Scope of the Training Program

Batch No.CategoryPlanned Starting DateLast Date of AdmissionCompletion DateDurationTimings
01157 Full Time 08-Jul-2024 01-Jul-2024 09-Nov-2024 4 Months Monday To Saturday 8.00 am to 5.30 pm
01158 Weekend Batches 11-Aug-2024 04-Aug-2024 03-Aug-2025 1 Year Sundays 8.00 am to 5.30 pm
01159 Full Time 11-Nov-2024 04-Nov-2024 08-Mar-2025 4 Months Monday To Saturday 8.00 am to 5.30 pm
01160 Full Time 10-Mar-2025 03-Mar-2025 05-Jul-2025 4 Months Monday To Saturday 8.00 am to 5.30 pm