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Training Programme - Post Graduate Diploma in 'WATER & WASTE WATER ENGINEERING'
Post Graduate Diploma in Water and Waste Water Engineering, Water and Waste Water Engineering Training

Eligibility :

Fresh/ Experienced - Diploma/Degree In any Engineering discipline & B.Sc Graduate.

The comprehensive Course includes different modules like basic fundamentals and concepts of design, construction, installation, commissioning and trouble shooting of drinking water, sewage and effluent treatment plants.

Key Points of Syllabus :

Introduction to :
  • Water physic-chemical properties
  • Bacterial quality analysis of water
Water Treatment Systems :
  • Physico Chemical treatments: Sedimentation, Grit Removal, Settling Tanks
  • Disinfection Systems: Chemicals, UV, Ozonation
  • Resin based technologies: Softener and DM Plants
  • Reverse Osmosis Technologies, Ultra Filtration, operations and maintenance of treatment plant
  • Trouble shooting, Standard: US FDA / USEPA
Brief introduction of :
  • Review of Fluid Dynamics
  • Pumps, Piping, Metallurgy, Instrumentation
  • Review Unit Operations
Industrial waste water treatment system :
  • Physico-chemical treatments
  • Biological treatments: aerobic & anaerobic treatments
  • Trouble shooting, Standards
  • Tertiary treatment: Filtration, activated carbon system, resin based system
  • Membrane base technology: Reverse osmosis process, ultra filtration technology
Operation and Maintenance of treatment plant, trouble shooting.
Brief Introduction to:
  • Disposal Standards, Statutory Organization: PCB and their role, Environmental Laws
Operation and Maintenance of treatment plant, trouble shooting.
Domestic Wastewater Treatment(STP)
  • Municipal and big STP
  • Package plants for small populations
  • Operations and maintenance of treatment plants, trouble shooting



Scope of the Training Program

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