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Training Programme - POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN Air Conditioning System Design (HVAC)
Post Graduate Diploma in Air Conditioning System Design (HVAC), Air Conditioning System Design (HVAC) Training

Eligibility :

Fresh/ Experienced - Diploma /Degree in Mechanical / Production Engineers.

The design of the HVAC component is critical to achieve an efficient and effective environmental control system. The successful integration of building constraints, air movement conditions and equipment selection can positively impact system overall performance and decrease utility expenses and capital expenditures. To achieve the optimal design, one should needs good analytical skills and up-to-date technical knowledge of various system designs.

Key Points of Syllabus :


  • To provide clear understanding of the key aspects of system
  • To provide practical & effective methods and guidelines to assist cost effective new installations of high technical integrity as well as trouble shooting & improving existing system

Scope of the Training Program

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